rpf: scotch and chocolate

Wellp. I wrote an RPF. Always swore I never would, and now I have done. Funny how things work.

Title: Scotch and Chocolate
Pairing: Matt Smith / Karen Gillan
Rating: All ages
Disclaimer: This is purely the product of my own deranged mind -- except for the title, which is taken from a Nickel Creek song.
Summary: Karen and Matt seduce each other with cookies. Arthur brings his cat.

link to the posting at my tumblr

some musings

In lieu of any reaction post for The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People (because really, I can't be expected to type the noises I made at the end of that two-parter), here's a little snippet of what's been bouncing around in my head since the episode aired.

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Also, a glimpse into my head canon, which I kind of really want someone to write a story about:

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Finally, some thoughts from this week's Confidential:

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ten theories about the little girl

This is all PURE SPECULATION on my part. I know there have been some leaked filming reports that have purportedly given clues about, for instance, River Song's identity, but I've successfully avoided them so far, so if any of my guesses turn out to be right, it'll be a coincidence! However, there are of course spoilers for 6x1 and 6x2, so be warned.

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Personally, I'm putting my bets on #3, for various reasons. But we'll see.