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 "inextricably" series (alternate universe as of "Vampires of Venice"):
crowns of snow
before we go on
many's the time i ran with you down
all the greats
each piece inextricably
hung aloft the night

TIMELINE (for my own reference + any interested readers)

Stand-alone fics 
(AU, technically):
keep her lustrous eyes

incubus (part one) (part two)
now my heart stumbles
perilous seas in faery lands forlorn
quick the breeze that knocks us down

Canon-compliant fics:

dancing on the edge
love love me do
slightly singed
a first time for everything

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I've been skulking around your teaspoon account and sqeeing over everything you've written thus far. I love the lyrical feel in everything you've written, I love the fact that reading one of your stories feels like finding a painting or a song that describes perfectly the dynamic between Amy and the Doctor.

I also love the fact that you chose a piece by mendolsohnn for them! Because it fits perfectly. It really does.

So... anyway, this is me de-lurking and giving you a big thank-you. Because you came along right when I was feeling sure I'd explored most of the good stuff in dr. who. Thank you very much for proving me wrong.

Oh! You're so welcome! Thank you for the kind words!
Hello! I'm another wanderer-over-er from Teaspoon. Love your stories. Are you writing one for every letter of the alphabet, or is it just coincidence the way the titles come out?
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review, it means a lot! I'm very glad to hear you've enjoyed the fics so far. The alphabetizing is actually intentional, yes, and I'm not enjoying trying to come up with a title for J right now (although the fic itself is coming along nicely). :D
Hey! Just wanted to give you a heads-up, in case you've not seen the lovely reccing you got over at clocketpatch's journal.

Someone recced on of your WHO fics at Teaspoon, and now I've read them all. They made my heart ache in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing them.
I too was lurking over at teaspoon, guilty as charged. You write the Doctor perfectly, and I love your made up worlds--they are so realistic and wonderful! My favorite story is incubus, which is strange for me. I'm not usually a dark fic kind of person.

anyways, love your work!