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This Journal Entry Is In 5 Chapters

I'm trying to make more of an effort to be involved in my various comms, and on Tumblr -- I remember what it was like in high school to have lots of online friends to interact with (in the days of Xanga!), and I kind of miss it! So if anyone wants to follow me on Tumblr (pharyngealfricative) or even Twitter (lurkisblurkis), please go right ahead, and I'll follow you back!

Fun adventure of the day:

So I have an anthropology exam on Tuesday, and, having missed the past few classes due to a combination of ventilator issues, sick aides, and laziness, I wasn't sure what time it was and I didn't have all of the notes I needed to study for it -- or, really, hardly any of the notes I needed, to be honest. I figured I had a day and a half to obtain this information and borrow notes from people. Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I discovered that OH BY THE WAY, ACTUALLY YOU WERE WRONG AND THE EXAM'S TOMORROW. AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN. AND YOU DON'T HAVE NOTES TO STUDY WITH. AND IT'S TOMORROW.

God bless the girl in my class who emailed me all of her notes and told me when and where the test is. She should get a medal.

In other news, blienky27 just showed me this and it's BRILLIANT. I'm not a Sherlock/John shipper, at least not romantically, but holy cow, this really is kind of amazing.

So this summer I'm going to be taking one online science class (well, two, but one the first half and one the second half, so that's only one at a time), and I'm going to be volunteering in the lab where I work about fifteen hours a week (I can't get any paid hours this summer for budget reasons, but next fall I will, so that's good), and my boys are going to be in town, so I'll have at least two friends to hang out with, but other than that...I'm going to have obscene amounts of free time. My solution to this dilemma is to fill my time by attempting to learn Welsh. I've tried this before several times, but I've always been so busy I haven't really been able to commit to it. Hopefully this summer I'll actually succeed. Wish me luck. [fingers crossed]

The other nice thing about the next few months is that over spring break I managed to persuade my sister, who's 11, to watch some Doctor Who with me, and now she's hooked and has been calling me on the phone after episodes air and speculating with me about the rest of the series. Not only is it awesome to FINALLY have someone else in my family who can even stand to listen to me mention Doctor Who, but it's great to have something fun to do with just my sister, since we've never really had very much in common and don't do very much together. So yay!


Just added you on Tumblr! I'm carrots-areyouinsane. :)

WHOA. That's like a worst case scenario with your anthro exam. BEST OF LUCK!!

Ooh, learning Welsh? That sounds so cool!

My Dad introduced me to Who and he watches the episodes with me and has come up with some fun theories. I love to speculate, particularly with someone who can give you immediate feedback.
Added you back!

And thanks -- it's going to be an interesting next 18 hours of cramming...
Got to love the Anthro exams I just finished mine this past week.

I am not taking any Anthro classes this summer I am taking the basic requirement courses but when the fall comes I am back into Anthro again and I can't wait love those classes.

It is nice to have a partner when watching DW because they always catch something you didn't.

Good Luck on your exams and learning Welsh